Like I’ve stated in previous posts, my wife used to be a store manager for a popular makeup company. As part of her job, she was tasked with throwing employee launch parties for new makeup collections. I loved designing and building props for these parties every year.

One particular year, the theme was flowers (I think… it was several years ago). So I decided to make some gigantic flowers for her to display. Having not found any good DIY guides online, I decided to come up with my own. Utilizing cardboard, I hand drew and cut out some large petal shapes and used these as templates to cut the actual petals out of white heavy cardstock. Not knowing how many flowers I wanted to make, I cut a ton of petals in various shapes and sizes. I then creased the bottom 2/3 of each petal to create strength and some shape. I used foam balls, cut in half, to create the center of each flower.

Next, I designed the layout of each flower and then used spray paint to color each petal and flower center. I used two colors on each flower to create a two-tone effect. I then used hot glue to assemble each flower. I ended up cutting the crease in each petal and folding over itself to create a slight bend in the petal which looked more realistic once assembled.

For the stem, I used cheap flower pots that I filled with sand and inserted a thick wire that I found in the garden section of my hardware store. I think the wire is used to tie up vegetable plants or something but it worked perfect for my needs. I then used a roll of green crepe paper to wrap the wire. I used my same petal template to cut out green “leaves” which I glued to each base. A final piece of green paper cut in a star to match the petal formation was glued to the back of each flower before pushing wire through flower back and into foam center.

The finished product was a huge hit at the launch party and they fought over who could take the flowers home afterwards.

By Nathan Filion

A full-time, married firefighter in Southern California. I'm an avid DIY'er and prefer to tackle home improvement projects myself in addition to other crafts and art projects.

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