My wife and I are fortunate that our house came with two separate closets, so we each have our own space. However, the original layout of her closet left much to be desired. As with most homes, the original contractor installed the bare minimum when it came to closet shelving. The closet rods overlapped each other which limited available hanging space and there was not enough shelf area for her non-hanging items.

So she started looking around Pinterest and flagged several closet organizational posts that she liked. Using those ideas, I came up with a new layout for her closet which takes advantage of nearly all usable space. Once the plans were finalized, I began demolition.

After the old shelving was removed, I purchased the required materials from our local hardware store and set up shop in the garage. I chose to build the new organizer out of 15″ x 3/4″ MDF because it is sturdy enough to hold itself up without much wall mounting. All joints were routed out to better secure the adjoining panels. Having the entire design drawn out with measurements was vital as everything had to be installed in a specific order, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

I included recessed adjustable shelving in certain areas to accommodate various storage bins. All the wood boards were held together with glue and screws. I then attached 1.5″ moulding to the front of everything to give a cleaner look.

I also wanted to include a special place for her to hang her necklaces and keep smaller items, so I build a wall unit that fit in-between the side wall shelving and gave it a little “bling”.

Finally, I caulked all the seams and nailheads then painted everything white to help brighten up the room. I also installed some decorative lighting and wallpaper.

With the addition of some colorful storage bins my wife picked out from Target, she finally had an organized place for all her clothes. Also, not pictured is a scarf organizer I mounted on the wall behind the door. It’s basically two rows of curtain rods (similar to what necklaces are hanging on) that she can hang/tie her scarfs onto in order to keep them organized, non-wrinkled, and easy to view/find.

By Nathan Filion

A full-time, married firefighter in Southern California. I'm an avid DIY'er and prefer to tackle home improvement projects myself in addition to other crafts and art projects.

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